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Walking Street Photos part 2

This is the second page of this walking tour showing Walking Street photos. If this is the first page you have seen you may like to go the introductory page of this Walking Street Area tour.

There are a number of beer bar complexes on Walking Street. One of the best of them is Simon Beer Bar complex. There are quite a few very good bars in this complex. Also there is a common sound system and the volume is not too load. The standard of ladies who work in these bars are a little better than average. If you are into ladyboys then there is even a bar for you.

Simon beer bar conplex

Near Soi 16 the character of Walking Street changes a bit. The bars and gogos are not as numerous and the number of restaurants and shops increases. On the corner of Soi 16 and into Soi 16 the concentration of bars is higher again. Soi 16 starts where the signs for Catz and Club Boesche is. These are both gogo bars.

Walking Street

This is the entrance of Soi 16. The tour continues down Walking Street. At the end of Walking Street there is a deviation to the pier for a couple of photos before returning to the intersection with Soi 16 to start the exploration of the sois coming off of Walking Street.

Soi 16 Pattaya

 The next photo is taken a little past Soi 16.

Walking Street

A new development in this are is Soho Square. This is a very modern development this is unique in Walking Street. Perhaps it is a sign for the future. In the development there is a night club, some bars and shops.

Soho Square Pattaya

There are some quite flash looking bars in Soho Square and as you can see construction is still being performed.

Soho Square Pattaya

It is still very quiet.

Soho Square Pattaya

Make sure that you 'Drink Intelligently.' I'm sure if the Thais worked out what that meant the sign would disappear very quickly. They want us to spend as much money as possible and our health is not important.

Soho Square Pattaya

There is a lot of empty office and shop space in the complex.

Soho Square Pattaya

This next photo is at the end of the development and is of a bar called Wildcats.

Wildcats bar Pattaya

The inside of Wildcats looks pretty good.

Wildcats bar Soho Square

This on the opposite side of Soho Square and shows some of the work still to be done.

Soho Square Pattaya

We are now back onto Walking Street. This is another beer bar complex being developed across the road from Soho Square. Late last year it was in a very similar condition as it is now.

Walking Street

 Restaurants are plentiful at this end of Walking Street.

Walking Street

There are also a few hotels.

Walking Street

The next photo looks back from the direction he tour has come from.

Walking Street

Near this end of Walking Street there is the Siam Elephant.

Siam Elephant Pattaya

The next photo shows the end of Walking Street.

Walking Street

On the hills to the south of Walking Street there is a big Pattaya City sign that is lit up at night.

Pattaya sign from Walking Street

Just outside ofthe end of walking Street is another new development. The Mixx Club can be found in this complex.

Mixx Club Pattaya

We are now off of Walking Street and looking at the sign at this end of it,

Walking Street sign

Within about 100m of the end of Walking Street there is the Pattaya pier. It is a nice place to have a walk.

Pattaya pier

From the pier you can get a good look at the Pattaya City sign. To move on to the next page of this tour click next at the bottom of the page or go to Soi 16 and Marine Plaza.

Pattaya City sign



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