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Walking Street Photos part 1

Welcome to this walking tour showing Walking Street photos. If this is the first page you have seen on this site you may want to see the introduction to this tour of Walking Street.

If you are traveling from the north along Beach Road you will come to South Pattaya Road (or Pattaya Tai.) Here most traffic during the daytime and all at night turns left onto South Pattaya Road. It is here that the Walking Street photos on this walking tour starts.

Late last year the old Walking Street welcome sign was taken down. It was taken down and the two pillars you see below were quickly put in place for the new sign. However since this is Thailand work has ground to a halt and it is still not finished. Maybe on day they will get around to finishing it.

On the right you can see a beer bar complex. At the rear of this complex is the new Beer Garden modelled on the one in Bangkok.

Walking Street enterance

 Here is a closer look at what will eventually be the new Walking Street sign.

Walking Street enterance

Now we get into Walking Street. During the day there are many shops open. Shown here are as optician, Pharmacy amongst others. There are also many shops like tailors.

Walking Street Photos

During the day there are cars and motorbikes parked on the Walking Street. At night they are all gone.

Walking Street

 This next photo looks back towards the start of Walking Street.

Walking Street

At this end of Walking Street there are a few seafood restaurants. They are worth a try. At night you will see people trying to attract customers and you will hear the Thai version of 'weeellcome.'

Walking Street seafood

All the sois that run off Walking street head east because on the west is the ocean. Therefore on this tour they all are on the left side of Walking Street. The first one is Soi 14. On later pages of this tour will explored bout Soi 14 and all the other sois of Walking Street.

Soi 14

This photo was taken near Soi 14 looking south. If you can see the Beach Club sign that is Soi 15.

Walking Street Photos

There is a real confused mangle of signs on Walking Street. Lucifer Disco is a good place to meet a nice Thai lady. If loud music is not your style then you may want to give it a miss.

Walking Street

After Soi 15 is Soi Diamond. This soi has many bars, gogos and restaurants.

Soi Diamond Pattaya

Some of the gogo bars on Walking Street are open in the days. You will know they are open as they will have some girls outside trying to attract customers.

Day gogo bar Walking Street

This photo is taken between Soi Diamond and Soi Happy looking south.

Walking Street

At the end of Soi Happy is Happy Agogo. It is one of the better gogo bars in town. As you can see the soi also has open-air beer bars.

Soi Happy Pattaya

There are a number of Irish theme bars in Pattaya. This one is obviously Molly Malone's.

Molly Malone's Pattaya

The next photo is taken a little past Soi Happy and looks

Walking Street

The next soi along is Soi BJ.

Soi BJ Pattaya

There are many bars and gogo bars in this area.

Walking Street

Jenny Star Bar is a well know bar in Pattaya. I would say infamous rather than well known. It is a ladyboy bar and you will find many ladyboys standing outside at night.

Jenny Star Bar

On the other side of the road from Jenny Star Bar is Soi Lucky Star. Again this soi has many bars. The soi heads to Marine Plaza that you will see on a later page.

Soi Lucky Star

Getting a little further along Walking Street and looking back.

Walking Street Pattaya

In the late afternoon the Thais put out offerings to Buddha to bring them good luck. Don't even think about taking some of the food or drink!

Offerings to Buddha

Still many bars and gogos down this end.

Walking Street

This photo was taken at abut the same spot as the last one but looking back the other way. The 'big tree' is somewhat of a landmark in Walking Street. You will notice that the road takes a bit of a bend here.

The reason this tree is left more or less untouched is that the Thais believe that the tree in inhabited by a spirit. This an animist belief and is common in Thailand.

'Big Tree' on Walking Street

The next photo is the last on this page. To continue this tour use the link at the bottom of the page or you can click here to go to that page and see more Walking Street photos.

Walking Street 


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