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Soi 4 and Soi 5 Photos

 Moving away from Soi 3 towards Soi 4 the bars become more scattered. After Soi 5 they stop until you get near Soi 6. The Soi 6 walking tour will be completed in September 2008. There is a small beer bar complex between Soi 4 and Soi 5. The best bar in this complex is U Too You bar near Soi 5.

There is a large and modern hospital in Soi 4. You can see it in the centre of the below photo behind the trees with the red bricks. There is a very good dental clinic in this hospital.

The photo below shows Soi 4 with some bars on the left. 

 Soi 4 Pattaya

 These are the bars that stretch along Second Rd between Soi 4 and Soi 5.

Bars near Soi 4

 The same complex a little further along and looking back the other way.

Soi 4 bars on Second Road

 You can just see Soi 5 on the right. The photo looks toward Walking Street along Second Road.

Second Road near Soi 4

 Again the bar complex between Soi 4 and Soi 5.

Second Road bars from near Soi 5

 Other than the bars on the corner there is not much in Soi 5.

Soi 5 Pattaya

 A little beyond Soi 5 on the other side of Second Road is Alcazar. This is another ladyboy show establishment. At night the area around Alcazar is packed with big tour busses. They bring in many people on package tours. Sometime you will see them all sitting in a bar on the other side of the road. They look so out of place that it is funny. I would love to ask what they think of the place. I think they would have a vastly different opinion of Pattaya than my own.

Alcazar for ladyboy shows

 The below photos was taken in the same area as the last one. It shows Soi 5 and the bars on the corner.

Bars on Soi 5

 This one again is taken from the same place and looks further along towards Soi 4.

Second Road near Soi 5

 Another view of the Alcazar ladyboy venue.

Ladyboys shows are held at Alcazar

 In the car park for Alcazar you can find this Thai eating place.

Second Road food market

 After all the walking on this day I needed a beer so I headied back to the Soi 3 beer bar complex to a bar called Cherry Bar. It is a good place for a beer or two. I sat there watching the ladies getting ready for work for the night and couldn't not take a photo. They didn't know I took the photo. You'll see the ladies putting on their makeup in the bar quite often if you are early enough.

Bar girls getting ready for work

More offerings to Buddha. Somethimes it is hard not to take some food as it can look good. If you look at some of the shrines in the bar you will see that they have toys on them. If you look at the figurines in the shrine they will also be child-like.

Offerings to Buddha

That concludes this walking tour of Second Road. I hope that you have gained something from it. This area is more than worthy for a visit while you are in Pattaya. If nothing else go to this area for a soapy massage.

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