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 The character of Soi 3 is like Soi 2. There are no coyote bars or gogo bars in this soi. At the entrance to the soi there is a massage parlour on the right and a beer bar complex on the left. The beer bar complex is not as big as the one in Soi 2 and runs along Second Road.

Further along Soi 3 there are more bars, massage parlours shops and even a dental clinic. A bit further along Soi 3 is a newer open-air beer bar complex

Second Rd with beer bars under trees

 This photo was taken near where Soi 3 meets Second Road. Even in the day time it is quite busy with people going about their business. The shop with the green and white exterior is a Family Mart. If you are drinking in this area the closest toilet is behind this shop next to the massage parlour.

Soi 3 has many bars and shops

 The most popular way of getting around central Pattaya is be Baht bus. These cost 10 Baht wherever you are going in central Pattaya. If you want one wait until one beeps their horn at you and wave it down. Do not talk to the driver and just get on the back. When you want to get off ring the bell. You pay the driver once you get off. For more information on how Baht busses operate see the Getting Around section in the guide.

Pattaya baht bus

 Some of the signs in Soi 3.

A sample of more ofthe businesses on Soi 3

 There are some that are quite funny. Pattaya caters for almost anything you might want.

Massage sign

 Including dental work and some relaxing massage.

Dental clinic on Soi 3

 This is a general shot and is one that you can see anywhere in Pattaya. The city has many small streets with their own character. It is worth heading out and exploring the place during the day.

Soi 3 Pattaya

 A bit further along Soi 3 is a newer complex. A friend told me something to typifies the way Thais do things. He told me that when this complex opened only one bar had a pool table so that is the one he always went to. He said that he ran the bell once or twice. Anyway he told me that it was not long before all the bars had pool tables.

Beer bar complex on Soi 3

 The same complex a little closer.

Soi 3 beer bars

This photo was taken in the same location as the last but looking up Soi 3.

Soi 3 looking towards Second Road

 Same complex again.

Soi 3 beer bar complex

 Now we get back to the complex at the corner of Soi 3 and second Road. These bars are a little elevated above the road. Most of these bars are hassle free and worth a drink or two. The only one that some people have issues with is the one at the far end.

Bars on corner of Soi 3 and Second Rd

The bar at the far end is called Atlantic Bar. They have some very nice ladies working there. The problem is that they can be very standoffish. The will take drinks from you but if you want to take her away she may refuse. That said it is still worth having a beer there even if it is to see the board of shame. I think they call it The Wall of Fame (or something different) but some guys are just idiots. You'll have to go look for yourself to find out what I am talking about.

Atlantic Bar Pattaya

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