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Soi 2 Area Photos

The main entertain region in this area is centered around Soi 2 and Soi 3. Here you will find many open-air beer bars. There are a number of soapy massage parlours also. There is one on the corner of Soi 2 and one on the corner of Soi 3.

Update December 2011: Unfortunately nearly all of the bars in Soi 2 have been leveled to make way for a hotel. The only bar left is Classroom Agogo which is now an amalgation of the former gogo bar and the Honey Pot. An update will follow soon.

The main bar area is located along Second Road and down a little way down each of these sois. In Soi 3 there is a complex a bit further down that is worth exploring.

In this photo you can see down Soi 2. If you want to head south, Walking Street for example, you can wait in Soi 2 for a Baht bus as many travel down this soi and will head south on Beach Road.

To the right of this photo is Sabai Dee Massage parlour and the left a large beer bar complex. This complex is a bit of a rabbit's warren. There are many bars hidden back off the street. It is worth exploring some of these bars.

Soi 2 Pattaya

From the same location that the last photo was taken you are very near Big C shopping mall.

Big C sign on Second Road

 We are now heading down Soi 2 with the beer bar complex on the left. On the right you can see a coyote bar.

Beer bars on Soi 2

 This is a closer look at the coyote bar the is called Honey Pot. This bar is usually well stocked with young attractive Thai ladies. It is one bar you should check out while you are in the area. If it is hot it is a good place to cool sown for a while.

Just a quick note! There is a gogo bar to the left of Honey Pot Club. Unless you are utterly bored I would give it a miss.

Honey Pot Club Pattaya

 Thais are generally a superstitious lot. Every afternoon you will see things like pictured below. They are an offering to Buddha in the hope that good luck is given in return. Try not to disturb these and never eat or drink what is there as you may have a bunch of angry bar girls chasing you down the street. I know a guy who did this and the girls were not impressed!!

Offerings to Buddha

 It is not too far down Soi 2 before the bar area is left behind. Down this far there are a number of hotels.

Soi 2 hotels

 Heading back in the direction that we came you may see signs for happy hours. These are usually in the day time and into early evening. You may also see many signs written in Thai like the other one. Many of the signs that look like this are advertising for workers. There is no shortage of work in Pattaya.

Some beer bars have happy hours

 Thais are a conservative lot. This includes the way that people dress. I know that you will see all types of things in Pattaya but it is always a good idea not to go topless while you are there. If you do the locals will have an even lower view of you.

Going topless is not polite in Thailand

 Classroom Beer Bar is a good place to have a drink. It is owned by the same people as Honey Pot Club and Classroom 2 Agogo (the one I said was worth avoiding.)

Classroom beer bar Pattaya

 This is an advertisement outside Classroom 2 Agogo.

Sexy gogo bar sign

The bars are not totally dead during the day. You will always find a few people having a quiet drink. This photo is part of the complex on the corner of Soi 2 and Second Road.

Soi 2 open-air beer bars

 Every bar that you go into has a shrine to Buddha.

A shrine to Byddha

Sadly the development in Pattaya has resulted in the destruction of beer bars. This construction site is at the corner of Soi 3 and Second Rd. There were a couple of good bars in the complex that used to occupy this hole in the ground.

Soi 3 construction

 Same scene from a different angle.

Soi 3 construction

Update: (24 Sept 2008) Work is progessing on the site rapidly. Apparently the basement will contain a gogo bar with beer bars being on the same level as Second Road. Above the beer bars will be a MacDonalds. Not too sure what will occupy the upper floor. This building is supposed to be ready for occupation after 4 weeks of this photo being taken.

second Road construction

That is the end of the update so we will return to the tour.

Directly behind the construction site is another popular soapy massage parlour. This one is called Sabailand. If you are drinking in the bars at the corner of Soi 3 and Second Road you will need to use the toilet in this building if you need to go. The advantage of that is that you will get to see the ladies available in this establishment. As you walk to the toilet you can see the 'goldfish bowl' where the ladies sit waiting for a customer. If you stop for a look you will get invitations to sample the wares.

Sabailand Massage on corner of Soi 3

 This photo shows the beer bar complex on the corner of Soi 3.

Soi 3 beer bar comples

 This is how many of the construction site workers in Pattaya get to and from work

Construction workers heading home

Looking down Soi 3 with Sabai Dee Massage on the right and the bar complex on the left.

Looking into Soi 2 Pattaya

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