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 Drinking Street, Soi 1 and Soi 2 Photos

This page takes in Second Rd, Drinking Street, Soi 1 and Soi 2. Drinking Street is a beer bar complex on the eastern side of Second Road. There is about 12 bars in this complex. There are a couple of bars that have moved here from near Soi 1 and Soi 2. They were displaced from those area due to redevelopment.

This complex is where this tour starts. I decided to take the photos during the day as do so in daylight is much easier than at night. Also much more details can be gathered in the day that is hidden in darkness at night. As a consequence most bar will appear quiet but that is not always the case at night.

The first photo shows the sign advertising the Drinking St sign. Because of its location this complex must find it difficult to find passing trade.


Drinking Stree sign

The Drinking St complex is fairly new and the bars look good. As you can see the bars are very quiet in the day.

Beer bars in Drinking Street complex

Noi Bar Beer shown in this photo is one of the bars displaced due to redevelopment in other areas. This bar was located near Soi 2 on Second Road.

Beer bars in Drinkisng Street complex

This is Joy Bar and is another bar displaced due to redevelopment. This bar was located near Soi 1 on Second Road. In its previous location it was a popular bar with many lovely ladies. They were very active on the dancing poles. I have not checked it out at its new location so maybe I will soon.

Joy Bar Pattaya

Now we head out onto Second Road. This photo was taken on the eastern side of the Road and not far from the Drinking St compex.

Second Road shops and bars

This photo was taken in the same location as the last but on the other side of the road.

Second Road north of Big C

Easyrider Bar is one of the larger bards in the area.

Easyriders Bar Pattaya

 Tiffany is a show place for ladyboy shows. Recently they help a nationwide ladyboy competition here.

Tiffany Pattaya

 There are many small road-side shops in this area, particularly at night.

Pattaya road-side shop

 I thought that this was a rather unusual construction on the roof of this building. We are now getting close to Soi 1.

Unusually construction on roof

 just a general shoot of Second Road. The sign with the big star on top in the distance is for Big C which is a big shopping centre.

Second Rd Pattaya

 Here is a closer look at the structure on the roof. Looks like it has Chinese origins to me.

Second Road building

 This is one of the constructions that displace some beer bars. It is on the corner of Soi 1.

Second Road construction

 Second Road near Soi 1.

Second Road near Soi 1

 In this area there are many massage parlours catering to the Japanese and Taiwanese on package tours. This is one of these places.

Massage palour in Pattaya

 ...and they are brought in like sheep.

Pattaya tourist bus

 This is a photo looking down Soi 1.

Soi 1 Pattaya

 From Soi 1 it is only a short distance to Soi 2. Here you will find Sabai Dee Massage. This is one of the soapy massage places that you should try at least once.

Sabai Dee Massage on corner of Soi 2

That is the end of the first page of this tour. Click next to continue.


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